No. 25 Latest Improved Buckeye Cider Mill
Mfg. 1869
P.P. Mast & Co. - Springfield, Ohio

This mill was originally my Grandpa's.  I remember helping him make cider back in the late 1960s using this mill.  It was made in 1869 by the P.P. Mast & Co. of Springfield, Ohio.  It needed all the wood replaced; but, other than missing the hand crank it looks to be pretty much all there. 


February 8, 2006
Just getting the mill home.  It is still in the back of the truck.

February 11, 2006
Dad and I unloaded the mill and started disassembly.  We didn't have any trouble getting things apart. 
These pictures show the mill in various stages of disassembly.


February 18, 2006
We completed disassembly of the last couple of parts.  We got down some White Oak
lumber and started cutting it to the general dimensions for the frame.


March 11, 2006
We had taken the iron parts of the mills to Redi-Strip and had them dipped. 
We got them back this week and on Saturday we primed and painted most of the parts. 
We also started cutting the wood to length and cutting the tenons on the ends of the pieces for the frame.

July 2007
The final push to get the mill done in time for the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fair.
The results were well worth the effort!

Here are some close-ups of the internal parts of the mill and the wood structure.



Here are pictures of a restored mill we borrowed from a friend to use as a pattern
in replacing the wood.  Would you believe it is identical to Grandpa's mill.

This mill sold on E-bay and is in fabulous original condition.  The new owner of this mill was kind enough
to send me some more detailed pictures of the mill. It too is identical to our mill.
It appears the wood work done on the mill above is fairly accurate.


Here is another mill that a friend of ours had in his woods. 
It is a "Kentucky Buckeye" No. 20 made by Brennan Company of Louisville, KY.
It is very similar in size and design to the Buckeye No. 25.  We hope to restore this mill too.




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