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And Other Americana
The collections of the Kinney family.

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Hercules & Economy
Gas Engines

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Sweet Sorghum (Sorghum Molasses)
and Cane Mills.
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1923 Fairbanks Morse
Model Z

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Clarke Gas Engines

Antique Cars in our Collection

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Clark Airborne Dozers

Some of our tractors.

Blacksmith shop

Kohler Generator

Marine Engine

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Toy Steam Engines.

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Our Russell 
Steam Engine.

Stone Grist Mills

Maytag Motors

Steam Traction Engine

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Our 1840 log house.

Superior Oilfield Engines still Working

Steam Boiler

25 H.P. Superior
Oilfield Engine

Oil City Boiler Works
Oilfield engine

Reid 15 H.P.
Oilfield Engine

Small Stationary
Steam Engine

Antique Woodworking Equipment

Oil Field Engine
Society, Show Pictures


Our Foundry

Buckeye Cider Mill

Trash Can Turkey


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