Fairbanks Morse "Z" 6 H.P.

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We purchased this engine about 15 years ago and it has sat in the corner of the barn
since then.  We finally got back to this corner of the barn a few weeks ago and moved
 the engine to our workshop.  It appears to be complete except for the muffler, oilier,
and fuel tank.
The engine was stuck.  We soaked the piston, and everything else, for a couple of
weeks with penetrating oil.  Things came loose surprisingly easily.  We remove the
head and loosened the connecting rod bearing cap.  Then we heated the cylinder inside
the water hopper with a rosebud tip on an acetylene torch.  After a few minutes we were
able to rock the flywheels and the piston started to move.  After applying some more
penetrating oil were were able to get the piston completely fried up in just a few
minutes.  With all the parts fried up it was now begin the process of rust removal and
restoration but we traded it for another engine.


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