St. Louis Area Hobby Casters
Casting day at Jack Fisher's Shop.

About 10 people from 3 states got together at Jack's shop in downtown St. Louis
on February 1, 2003.  We had a great time and it was great to put a face with
some of the names of people we communicate with on the Hobbycast list.

This is Jack at his molding bench.

He built a large riddle that is on legs that he rubs the sand through.

This is his 30lb. crucible that is sitting in the bottom of his furnace.

Jack has consturcted a frame that is on tracks. It rolls up to the furnace and picks up the cricible. Then he rolls it back over the sand and flask.

Here is the long view of his furnace and pouring setup. The best I have ever seen.

Another view of the flask holder. It tilts to pour the metal.

The top of the furnace is made with 4" thick refractory walls and weights 400lbs. It is raised and lowerd with an electric wench.

A close up of the furnace top.

Here you can see the track and roller setup. The track is a piece of angle iron.

Jack ramming up a mold.

The furnace blower and electrical wench controls.

The top of the furnace from the rear.

The wench and blower.

Jack has about 4 inches of sand under the track to contain spills. One of his ingot molds is in the foreground and makes a 8 lb. ingot.

Striking off a flask.

Glenn brought a match plate with a pattern for a model antique engine.

The flasks separated.

The mold opened reveals an engine block that didn't quite fill up.

Jack getting ready to lift the crucible.

The red hot crucable ready to pour.

Another view of the flask holder.

Jack Skimming the melt.


The crucible in it's holder, tipped and pouring metal into the flask.


Removing the metal from the ingot mold.

Here is the casting of an antique gas engine muffler baffle.

It is a very thin casting so we provided lots of risers, gating and feeds.

It turned out great!

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