St. Louis Hobby Casters Iron Melt
November 16, 2002


Mario made this pouring shank.

Mario on the left Jack on the right.

Pile of fire brick we will be using to line the cupola.

The lot water heater tank with the top cut out. Sitting on concreat blocks.

Charcoal we used for fuel.

After putting a layer of sand in the bottom of the tank we put two layers of fire brick arround the card board tube.

The lining done.

Breaking up some cast iron plumbing to be melted.

How many St. Louis area casters does it take to break up pipe?

Mario cutting a hole in the tank to make the pour opening.

Drilling the opening for the air.

Breaking up some more scrap iron.

While it looks like a shot gun blast made this hole, Mario cut it with an angle grinder. It is the slag opening.

Piece of exhaust pipe for the air supply.

Pour shoot.

We stacked up some extra fire brick to add a little extra insulation.

Green sand was packed into the bottom and out the pour opening.

Charcoal ready to light.

First fire.

Warming the crucible.

The first melted iron starting to trickel out.

Getting ready to place the Bot in the pour hole.

Adding more charcoal.

Hear is the group. L to R. Jim Barnes (our host), Glenn Karch, Mario Vitale, Terry Thorne and his son Joel, Jack Fisher and John Lewis kneeling.


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