Our Backyard Foundry
We have been gathering parts for a foundry for the past 15 or so years. 
On June 19, 2002 we finally got enough put together to make our first melt.
Things went better than we could have hoped.  We used a cast iron pot for a crucible.
It only took about 15 minutes for the aluminum to melt which we then poured into the ingot molds.

Adjusting the flame.

Our McInglevan B-16 furnace.

I picked up these ingot molds at a flee market.

Using an acetylene torch to blacken the ingot moldes so the ingots will not stick to the mold.

Droping some scape aluminum into the furnace.

The ingot molds ready for molton aluminum.

Skimming the dross of the top of the molten aluminum.

Check out the molten aluminum.

Notice how the cast iron pot is bright red.

The first pour.

Pouring aluminum into the smaller ingot mold.

Ingots cooling.

The larger ingot mold just having been dumped.

The smaller ingots just removed from the mold.

The finished ingots laid out on the floor. They are lop-sided because we didn't have our ingot molds level.


Our second melt and first useful casting
June 20, 2002

Here is the original.

Here is the casting just out of the sand.

Take a look at the top of the casting on the far right side. Was this caused by loose sand in the mold or by inproper venting or something else?

Real happy with our first attempt at something real and needed.

Four legs. Three original and one we cast. Can you tell which one? 2nd from the right.


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