Four-cylinder Kohler Generators
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1924 Kohler Brochure


Four cylinder Kohler Generator
Oct_22_00_40.jpg (38893 bytes) Four cylinder Kohler generator.  Model E
115 volt D.C.  Serial #109837.  
Oct_22_00_42.jpg (28747 bytes)
Oct_22_00_39.jpg (27317 bytes) ID tag on the left

Close up of fuel pump on the right.  There were
two other Kohler generators at the same auction.
Neither had fuel pumps like this one.

Oct_22_00_41.jpg (34728 bytes)
Oct_22_00_37.jpg (28054 bytes) The magneto was missing but a friend had one that fit.
These are close-ups of the magneto coupling.  After installing
the magneto, changing the oil and adding gasoline, it started
and ran fine after a few adjustments.
Oct_22_00_38.jpg (12812 bytes)
Oct_22_00_26.jpg (20490 bytes) These are pictures of the magnetos that were on the
other two Kohler generators at the same auction 
where I bought this generator.
Oct_22_00_30.jpg (18683 bytes)


Kohler Model D Generator
115 volt D.C.


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