Restoration of a 1923 Fairbanks Morse Z
About 20 years ago a friend of mine took me to visit his neighbors who had a
lot of old equipment sitting around.  While there I saw this Fairbanks Morris
hit and miss engine.  The owner didn't want to part with it or any of the other
miscellaneous equipment.  I finally go a chance to visit this farm again the week
of 4/14/98.  The original man had passed away and his grandson now lived there.
His daughter is in my daughters class in school.  They agreed to let us come
and look around.  The engine was still in the shed where I had seen it
20 plus years ago.  We were able to purchase it along with some other equipment
shown here.  My daughter restored this engine for a
4-H project and received a Grand Champion!

FMZBatterySide.jpg (10865 bytes) This is a Fairbanks Morse Z
1.5 Horse Power Hit and Miss Engine.
manufactured in 1923.
FMZFrontRight.jpg (12654 bytes) It has the Original Crank and Battery Box.
The box is bent and rusted but we were able
to find one in good shape at the Portland 
2000 show.
FMZHeadEnd.jpg (16214 bytes) The battery box has the original coil inside.
FMZPulleySide.jpg (12956 bytes) The pulley is unusual in that it has places
for both a flat belt and a "V" belt.
fmzrear.jpg (10358 bytes) The crank shaft shield was missing as was the
original oiler.. 

The piston was stuck when we got it but
later that afternoon we had it moving freely.
fmztop.jpg (19131 bytes) When found the engine was sitting full of
water from a leaking roof.  Lucky we had
a mild winter or there would likely have
been some broken castings from the ice.
MVC-008F.JPG (44682 bytes) My daughter Elizabeth decided to restore this
engine for a 4-H Americana project.  Here she
is giving the block a coat of primer.
MVC-001F.JPG (33458 bytes) Elizabeth showing off the block ready for paint.
[07_09_00][18_20]_25.jpg (42010 bytes) Elizabeth making final adjustments to the skids
before mounting the engine to them.
[07_12_00][18_21]_09.jpg (43284 bytes) Putting on the decals.
[07_12_00][18_24]_15.jpg (38365 bytes) Elizabeth posing with the finished engine.
She received a Grand Champion ribbon
in the 4-H Americana project at the 2000
Vanderburgh County 4-H Fair.
[07_12_00][18_24]_17.jpg (36327 bytes) All ready for the first running.

We have now found an original battery box
to replace the original which was dented and
rusted pretty bad.

[07_12_00][18_31]_22.jpg (30528 bytes) An original oiler was located at the Coolsprings
fall swap meet.
[07_12_00][18_31]_23.jpg (35614 bytes) An original crank shaft shield came from the
Portland Indiana show in 1999.
[07_12_00][18_30]_20.jpg (48276 bytes) Here it is running for the first time.  The spring
that returns the push rod wasn't strong enough
so Elizabeth had to keep pressure on it to keep
it running.  After replacing the spring it now
runs great.

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