Oil City Boiler Works / South Penn Oil Company
Half-breed Oil Field Engine
Serial Number 1152

Serial Number on the gas engine cylinder is 1152

Engines like this were used in the early West Virginia and Pennsylvania oil fields.  They were originally powered by steam which were very costly to operate.  In the late 1890's and early 1900's the steam engines were retrofitted with a gas engine cylinder which require substantially less upkeep than a steam engine.  On this engine the head, base/frame, crank-shaft, cross head, connecting rod, and left flywheel are from the original steam engine.  The cylinder, piston and right (heaver) flywheel are the South Penn Oil Company gas engine conversion parts.  This is how they got their name "half-breed" engines.  This engine uses a hot-tube for ignition.

How not to load an engine.

On Sunday July 22, 2007 we were attempting to wench the engine onto our trailer to take to our county fair to exhibit.  We have loaded this engine many times this way but this time disaster struck.  Just as the skids came of the rear wood block the engine tilted over onto it's side.  The left hand flywheel landed on another engines skids and busted every spoke out of the flywheel.  Anybody know where we can get a replacement flywheel?????  If so please contact me at kkinney@herculesengines.com or call me at 812-454-6757.


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