Reid 15 H.P.
Serial Number 16009
Built in the mid-1920's

We added this engine to our collection on June 21, 2003.  It is a 15 H.P., Left Hand, Reid oil field engine. 
It originally came from the oil fields of West Virginia.


I had a couple of hours over the weekend (4/3/2004) to work on the Reid.  I took the pop-off valve off and freed it up.  Installed the burner in the hot-tube chimney.  Took the bearing caps off and cleaned the oil groves out.  Oiled everything really well and hooked up the gas lines.  Lighted the burner and after a few minutes turned the main gas on and turned it over a few times.  After Kicking it back against compression it fired.  After doing this a few times I ran out of energy.  On Tuesday evening 4/6/2004, I had dad help me and we belted the engine up to our 1935 John Deere B tractor.  After turning it  over for a few minutes with the valve propped open I released the valve, turned on the gas and away she went.  Lots more work to be done on her but it was great to hear her run!

I got dad out of his easy chair and fired up the 1935 John Deere B.

Held open the valve and got her spinning over. Released the valve, turned on the gas and BANG!

Running for the first time in who knows how many years.

Threw the belt off and she's running on her own.

The view from the set of the tractor.

It has some blow by. We haven't taken the piston's out to see if the rings are free yet.

It is missing the exhaust flang so it made quite a racket.


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