Stationary Steam Engine
3 1/4" X 4"  S.N. 6285
Manufacture and age unknown.

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The last Patent date is January 4, 1919.

It has a 1" Waters govenor

The size and SN are stamped into it here.

What kind of valve is this. I had hopes that it was a throttle valve but I now think it was a Pop-off valve.

Displacement lubricator

Here is the boiler we are fixing up to run the engine with. 
It is a 3 H.P. McKee.

Originally a gas boiler. It has a "bunch" of 1" flues.

We are trying to find a LP gas burner to put under this boiler.

We pressure tested the boiler to 150 lbs.

It has a very heavy shell.

3/8" injector

Heavy cast iron top.

Tag on boiler

Pressure testing pump.


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