Our home-made cylinder hone.

When we were restoring our 25 H.P. Superior oil field engine, click here to see it, we needed to clean the surface rust from the cylinder bore.  With the bore being 12" our regular hone was nowhere near large enough so we improvised.  We looked around the shop for something cylindrical and about the same size as the piston.  A 5 gallon plastic bucket came to mind.  The bucket had reinforcing ribs around the tope 3 or 4 inches.  We used a Sawzall to cut the the top 3 or 4 inches off the bucket.  This left us with a smooth bucket about 11 inches tall.  We then used some 3M spray contact cement to glue 8 or 10 sheets of sand paper to the bucket overlapping each sheet by about 50%.  If you needed a little more diameter for a snugger fit you could glue some sort of spongy material under the loose flap of sand paper but we didn't need to for our hone.  Next we drilled a 1/4 inch hole in the bottom center of the bucket.  In this hole we put a piece of all-thread rod with nuts and washers on each side of the bucket bottom.  We chucked this apparatus into a 1/2 inch drill, used plenty of WD-40 oil, and cleaned out the cylinder.  Other than the threaded rod came loose a couple of times and had to be retightened it worked great. 

The piston on the right is just slightly smaller in diameter than the 5 gallon bucket on the left.

We used contact cement to hold the sandpaper to the bucket.

Here it is in use. Worked like a charm.



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