Clark CA-1 Airborne Dozers

These CA-1 dozers were made by the Clark Equipment Company in Battle Creek Michigan. 2500 were made during W.W.II for the War Department.  They were either parachuted or flown in on gliders to remote areas for construction work.  They are very small with the
tracks being only three feet apart.  The engine is a 4 cylinder water cooled Waukesha Model FC.

1944 Clark Airborne Dozer

I first saw this tractor in 1975 or 76, it was located in a friends neighbor's barn.  Some 25 or so years later by a chance meeting I met the man's grandson.  After figuring out were he lived I asked if he still had the dozer?  He did but didn't want to part with it.  Several years later in 2007 he called to see if I was still interested in the dozer.  The barn had fallen down on and around the dozer and he wanted to see the dozer preserved.  It had sat for several years with the exhaust uncovered, but other than that it is a very complete tractor. After several months of negotiation we settled on a price and on December 26, 2007 my dad, my son and I went to retrieve the little dozer.   We plan to get this dozer operable and sell the other two we have had for a while that are shown below. 

Remains of ther barn where the dozer was located.

Most of the barn debree had been cleared out where the dozer was located.

Here she is, still covered with debree from the fallen barn roof.

Unfortuantly is sat for severl years with the exhaust uncovered.

The dozer blade is 5' wide. Track width is just 4'.

Data plate indicated it was built on March 25, 1944. Weighs just 4195 lbs. Dozer blade brought the weight up to right at 5000 lbs.

Has a Waukesha FC engine. Hydrolic dozer blade and winch on the back.

Control panel even has the key in it.

We have some new old stock seats to replace this one.

Winching it up onto the trailer.

Only 2500 of these were built.

Loaded and ready to head for home.

Shed where extra parts were found.

Extra drive cogs and tracks located in shed.

Home and in the barn.




Dozers1.jpg (8964 bytes) Dozers2.jpg (7554 bytes)
Our first two Clark Airborne dozers after arriving home with them in 1991.
We currently have one totally in pieces under restoration.  We'll be selling these after getting
the one above done.

Rbdozer.jpg (13702 bytes)
Restored Clarkair owned by Roger Brown
as presented in the Antique Power Magazine.

Original pictures of the Clark Airborne Dozer and its attachments.

Clarke CA-1 Airborne Dozer.


CAB-1 LaPlant Choate Pan Scraper


Dozers, like this Jeep, were many times transported by Waco CG-4A "Hadrian" gliders.

Loading a Grader onto a plane. Probably a Douglas C-47 "Skytrain".

Runway grading with a Clarke Airborne Dozer.



To order copies of the original service manuals for the CA-1 contact:

Portrayal Press
P.O. Box 1190N
Andover, N.J. 07821

Phone/Fax: (973) 579-5781

Ask for manual #'s: TM5-3020 and TM5-1270.


If you like these dozers you need to check out this web site:
Syltech - Custom Machining & Renovation of Clark Airborne Equipment

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