This is a reproduction of the complete Instruction Book
and Repair List for Hercules built engines.
It is applicable to engines built from around 1916-1930.

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Front Cover

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Page 1
Hercules Kerosene Engine

Page 2
How to adjust the
Butterfly valve on
small Kerosene
Trouble Shooting
How to adjust Speed

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Page 3
Kerosene Engines
3.5 to 14 HP

Page 4
How to start the
Kerosene Engine

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Page 5
Kerosene Engine

How to adjust oiler

Starting engine off

Page 6
Adjusting the
Kerosene Engine.

How to stop.

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Page 7
The Governor

Automatic Grease Cup

Page 8
Gasoline Engine

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Page 9
Gasoline Engine Instructions

How to start
(2 methods)

Page 10
How to adjust the mixer

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Page 11
The Governor

How to adjust the Detent
Blade and Catch Block

To stop the Engine

Page 12
Cold weather instructions
for both Kerosene
and Gasoline Engines

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Page 13
Fuel Concerns

Page 14
Trouble shooting

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Page 15
How to put on the Cam Gear

Page 16
How to put on the Cam Rod Spring

How to take off a Flywheel

How to take off the Governor


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Page 17
Valve Timing and Grinding

Page 18
Packing the Cylinder Head


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Page 19
Piston and Rings

Page 20
Hercules Clutch Pulley

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Page 21
Clutch Pulley Instructions

Page 22
Clutch Pulley Parts

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Page 23
Clutch Pulley parts list

Page 24
Biermann Clutch Pulleys

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Page 25
Kerosene Engine parts list

Page 26
Kerosene Engine parts list cont'd

Gasoline Engine parts list

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Page 27
Gasoline or Kerosene Engine
Parts List

Page 28
Galoline or Kerosene Engine
Parts List (cont'd)

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Page 28
Ordering Information

Page 30
How to start and care for your

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Page 31
Kerosene Governor and
Carburetor parts for 1.75
and 2.5 HP engines.

Valve timing.

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Page 32-33  Engine diagram

Page 34
Governor Parts

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Page 35
Pump jacks

Page 36
Wico Magneto
Type EK for 1.75 to 2.5 HP

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Page 37
Wico Magneto
Type EK for 3.5 to 14 HP

Page 38
Wico Magneto
Type PR for 6 to 14 HP

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Page 39
Parts and Numbers for
Wico Type EK Magneto

Page 40
Parts list for Wico Type EK

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Page 41
Parts and Numbers for
Wico Type PR Magneto

Page 42
Parts list for Wico Type PR

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Page 43
Wico Magneto trip fingers

Page 44
Wico Magneto Breaker Points

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Page 45
Adjustments of the Magneto

Page 46
Breaker Points Replacements

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Page 47
Latch and Latch Block Edges

Page 48
Trouble shooting the ignition

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Page 49
Webster Magneto
Model M!, K26, and L26

Page 50
How to set the spark when
using the Webster Magneto

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Page 51
Webster Magneto
(New Style)

Page 52
Instructions for Using Webster
Type No. 1 and 2

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Page 53
Webster Magnetos Types
1-A and 2-C
Parts list

Page 54
Webster Magnetos Types
1-A and 2-C
Parts list Cont'd

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Page 55
Mounting your engine
on a solid foundation

Page 56
Mounted Engines

Fuel Tanks Capacity

Rules for Figuring the
Size of Pulleys

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Page 57
Instruction for Operating
Drag Saw Outfit

Page 58
Instructions for Assembling
Clutch on Drag Saw

Page58.jpg (34012 bytes) Page59.jpg (29570 bytes)

Page 59
Drag Saw Parts

Page 60
Parts list for Drag Saw

Page60.jpg (39501 bytes) Page61.jpg (30946 bytes)

Page 61
Parts list for Drag Saw
and Fuel tank for same

Page 62
Drag Saw

Page62.jpg (24787 bytes) Page63.jpg (21994 bytes)

Page 63
Saw Frame

Page 64


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Inside Back Cover
Quality Statement

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