This page is devoted to exchanging knowledge about Hercules built engines or any related topics. Much of this information was obtained from research done by Glenn Karch, my thanks to him for his generous contributions. This page is in its infancy and with your help can become a clearing house for information on this topic. If you would like to have your engine pictured on this site please e-mail me to make arrangements for getting the picture or image to me. If you have any information that you think would be relevant to this topic, please e-mail me concerning that as well. I plan to add a lot more information so keep checking back to see what's new. Thanks for visiting this site and I hope you find it useful.

Keith Kinney.

Serial number list to date your engine.

Pictures of Hercules built engines.

Hercules Literature and Manuals.

Reprints of Gas Engine Magazine "Hercules Engine News"

Pictures of the Hercules Factories, Then and Now.

How to paint your Hercules built engine.

Register your Hercules built engine.

Send me email regarding Hercules built engines.

Vendors who sell parts for Hercules built engines.

Hercules Gas Engine Co. of San Francisco, California

Multi-cylinder Hercules Engines.

Hercules Buggies

Hercules Truck Bodies

Southern Indiana Antique and Machinery Club (SIAM)
Home of the Hercules

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