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Here is our complete set of Hercules Model E series engines.  All run and are mounted on factory carts. 
The 1.5 through 7HP engines are restored, all run.
From smallest to largest is:
1.5 HP, Model E, SN 183109, manufactured in 1919.
3 HP, Model E, SN 272850, manufactured in 1923.
5 HP, Model EK converted to E, SN 122734, on factory built saw rig, manufactured in 1917.
7 HP, Model E, SN 139226, manufactured in 1918.
9 HP, Model EK, SN 125688, half-base engine on straight frame cart, manufactured in 1917.
12 HP, Model E, SN 58999, half-base engine on straight frame cart,  manufactured in 1914.
Also pictured is my dad on the left, Curtis Kinney and myself on the right, Keith Kinney.
Additional pictures of this lineup are pictured below.

12 H.P. Hercules Model E
12hpleft.jpg (14527 bytes) 12hprigh.jpg (11790 bytes)
12 H.P. Model E Hercules, half base, S.N. 58999 on original straight
frame cart.
(cart rails have been shortened about 18")

9 H.P. Hercules Model EK
Info Babe 2.jpg (57738 bytes)
9 HP, Model EK, S.N. 125688, half-base engine on straight frame cart.
Manufactured in 1917.
This News reporter did a live broadcast from the seat on the engine
(left picture was taken at our SIAM show in 1999.) 

7 H.P. Hercules Model E

7 HP, Model E, SN 139226, manufactured in 1918.

5 H.P. Hercules Model EK
hercsaw.jpg (23525 bytes) hercsawl.jpg (20451 bytes) 5hpleft.jpg (18579 bytes) 5hprear.jpg (18605 bytes)
5 H.P. Model EK Hercules S.N. 122734 on original Saw rig.

(The EK normally means it is a Kerosene throttle governed engine. This engine
was converted to Hit and Miss gasoline sometime in its life.)

3 H.P. Hercules Model E

3 HP, Model E, SN 272850, manufactured in 1923.

1 1/2 H.P. Hercules Model E

1_5herc_closeup.jpg (14910 bytes) 1_5herc.jpg (16357 bytes)
1.5 H.P. Model E Hercules S.N. 183109 on original cart.

Detailed views of the cart pictured here.

1 3/4 H.P. Hercules Model S
Hercules 1.75HP SN325666 2.jpg (13650 bytes) Hercules 1.75HP SN325666 1.jpg (28543 bytes) Hercules 1.75HP SN325666 3.jpg (13903 bytes)

1.75 H.P. Model "S" Hercules S.N. 325666.
All original and runs great..

Keith & Curtis Kinney,
Evansville, Indiana

1 3/4 H.P. Hercules
JohnBailey'sHerc.jpg (19924 bytes)

John built the cart for this engine using the pictures shown here. as a guide.

John Bailey 

Hercules 1 1/2 HP  Model E

Before and after pictures.

Serial Number 82922, Year 1916

Restored by Owner
William Ahner
2253 Mountain Road
Slatington, PA 18080
3 H.P. Hercules Model E
kent3hp.jpg (14839 bytes)

3 H.P. Model E Hercules, Note the smaller than usual flywheels.

Kent Burress
Evansville, Indiana

3 H.P. Hercules Model E
3hpunre.jpg (17550 bytes) nels3hp.jpg (10675 bytes) 3hprun.jpg (14823 bytes)

3 H.P. Model E Hercules, S.N.134637, before and after restoration.

Nelson Johnsrud
Two Rivers, WI

5 H.P. Hercules Model E
Located in France

 Steph Halgand from France sends these pictures of a 5 H.P.
S.N. 137345

7 H.P. Hercules,  Model E, Half-base engine

S.N. 88685
Owned by John Glassford, Indiana

5 H.P. Hercules Screen Cooled Engine

Screen cooling tank

Water circulating pump

Elkhart Magneto

The water hopper was replaced with this casting.


This is a rare 5 H.P. Hercules Screen cooled, half-base, engine.  
Norvin Bauer

7 H.P. Hercules Model EK
bren7hp.jpg (17938 bytes)

7 H.P. Model EK Hercules, Half Base, S.N. 173493, on original Saw Rig.

Bren Turck, Michagan

1 1/2 H.P. Model E Hercules with removable cylinder.

Herc1.5hp_breakdown.jpg (13683 bytes)

1.5 H.P. Model E Hercules.  This engine is built so that the cylinder and
water hopper can be unbolted from the base.  It is believed that this was to
facilitate easy transportation into remote areas.

Glenn Karch
Evansville, Indiana.
2 H.P. Hercules Model H
GeneMcGabeEngine1.jpg (22698 bytes)

2 H.P. Hercules Model H, S.N. 296122

Gene would like to hear from other Model H owners.

Gene McGabe
Dover, DE

6 H.P. Hercules Model S.
KellyReynolds6HP.jpg (25759 bytes)

Restored by Kelly Reynolds
Evansville, Indiana.

1 1/2 H.P. Hercules Model E
TimDixonHercules1Compressed.jpg (12842 bytes)TimDixonHercules2Compressed.jpg (13155 bytes)TimDixonHercules3Compressed.jpg (15164 bytes)TimDixonHercules4Compressed.jpg (13213 bytes)

1 1/2 H.P. Hercules Model E, S.N. 160168

Tim Dixon

5 H.P. Hercules
Hercules fancy striping 1.jpg (41355 bytes)

George Best took this picture of a 5 HP Hercules at the
1999 Brooks Oregon show.  What a paint job!

9 H.P. Hercules Hit and Miss Kerosene Model E Engine

9 HP Hercules Hit and Miss Kerosene Engine.

Front of the fuel tank and the fuel filler

Front view of the kerosene fuel tank and the location of the fuel filler and fuel line. The large vertical pipe runs from the head and the mixer.

The fuel tank is mounted to the cart by these round rods. There is also a piece of wood under the tank.

Rear view of the kerosene fuel tank.

Close up on the lunkenheimer mixer and large fuel tank.

The third picture shows the large kerosene tank and the lunkenheimer mixer usedon the Hercules Hit and Miss Kerosene engine.

These engines have a cast iron gasoline tank mounted on the side of the cylinder. It was used to start the engine and get it up warmed up.

Skip Murrell's family owns this nice original 9 H.P. Hercules Hit and Miss
Kerosene engine. It is a half-based engine on original straight framed cart.
Hercules manufactured the Hit and Miss Kerosene engines from 1914-1916.
They were sold in both the Hercules and Economy brands.  After 1916 they
dropped the Hit and Miss Kerosene from their line and switched to the
Kerosene throttle governed engines. 

I put the detail of this engine here because these engines are seldom seen.
When they are, the large fuel tank is usually missing.   I needed this
information for the restoration of my 9HP Hit and Miss Economy engine
and Skip was kind enough to send these detailed photos.

1 1/2 H.P. Hercules Model G
Neil Reitmeyer 1.5hp G_2.jpg (65303 bytes) Neil Reitmeyer 1.5hp G.jpg (46483 bytes) Neil Reitmeyer 1.5hp G SN300971.jpg (48295 bytes)

Hercules 1.5 H.P. Model G, S.N. 300971

Neil Reitmeyer

12 H.P. Hercules Model EK
Jeff Holbrook 12hp.jpg (55590 bytes)
Jeff Holbrook 12hp2.jpg (69779 bytes)

12 HP Hercules Model EK, S.N. 125488

Jeff Holbrook
407 W. 17th Street
Marshfield, Wisconson  54449

1 1/2 H.P. Hercules Model F Dragsaw.
Unrestored Log Saw.jpg (22941 bytes) Restored Log Saw.jpg (35288 bytes)

The Serial Number is: 293712F, 1H.P. at 550 R.P.M.

I received the following e-mail and pictures from Anthony Hahn,  goldengrove@i-o.net.au:

"Hello, my name is Anthony Hahn, from near Sale in the state of Victoria, which is in Australia. I have a Hercules Dragsaw which was bought second hand by my grandfather on October 2nd, 1935. The date of purchase is correct because we still have the receipt !

Anyway, the last time it had run according to my dad was back in 1948, so it had not run for almost 50 years. During this time, it was shedded in the old chook pen and some parts were taken from it. So I decided to restore it back in 1999, got it going, painted it, then took it down the paddock and put it on a log and did 2 cuts and that was it.

The restoration was done the way I wanted it. Eg:- painted the flywheels and middle of sprocket red and painted the cogs, push-rod, head etc black.    When my grandfather got the dragsaw in 1935, it didn't have the original log hitch gear. What had been modified served as both draw bar and log hitch. Securing the machine to log simply required you to drive a small wedge into the log through where you would normally put the draw bar pin when transporting the dragsaw. Another thing is the mechanism that holds the saw blade up off the log when transporting is not original. Also, the exhaust system is different because the muffler was missing and I still don't have one, but I now know where I can get one thanks to The Old Machinery Magazine.

So here attached are two pictures of my Hercules dragsaw. One before the engine was restored and the other of the restored unit. Hope you can put these pictures on your web site in the Hercules engines section of Pictures of Hercules built engines, because are no pictures of Hercules engines on dragsaws there !"

Thanks Anthony for the nice article and pictures.

Anthony Hahn
Victoria, Australia

3.5 H.P. Hercules Model SK

S.N. 324098
John at

6 H.P. Hercules Model SK

S.N. 325272
Located in Finland
Johan Slotte

1.5 H.P. Hercules Model N

S.N. 323679

sgerot@yahoo.com  sidmabb@lycos.com  sidmabb@hotmail.com
2254 S. Riverside Dr. #42
Iowa City, Iowa 52246



3.5 H.P. Hercules Model XK

S.N. 4671
Dave Green

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