Reprinted from the
September 1999 issue of the
Gas Engine Magazine

Hercules Engine News
Including Economy, Arco,
Jaeger & Thermoil

by Glenn Karch
Old State Road
Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

At the recent SIAM Classic Iron Show there were 153 of the Hercules built engines and 17 Sparta Economy engines on exhibit. Of that group, there were three of the 12 HP Hercules and two of the 12 HP Economy engines. There was also a 10 HP Sparta Economy. Shown on the page at right are these big engines. Picture number one is a 12 HP Hercules model EK #176665 shown by Dave Rotigel of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Picture number two is a 12 HP Hercules model EK #l76586 shown by the Sprinkle family of Ft. Branch, Indiana. Picture number three is a 12 HP model E half base Hercules #58999 shown by the Kinney family of Evansville' Indiana. Picture number four is a 12 HP model E Economy #248012 shown by the Klueg family of Evansville, Indiana. Picture number five is a 12 HP model F Economy #299457 shown by Richard Fox of Anderson, Indiana Picture number six is of a 10 HP Sparta Economy model CX shown by Leo Korb of Chester, Virginia.

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