Instruction Book and Repair List
Original Manual for 1914-1916
Hercules and Economy Model E Engines

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Page 2 Getting the Engine Ready to Run.
Page 3 How to start a gasoline engine when batteries are used.
Page 4 Trouble shooting.
Page 5 How to adjust the fuel valve and running in cold weather.
Page 6 How to adjust the timing.
Page 7 Keeping the igniter clean.
Page 8 Maintaining the Batteries and replacing the CAM gear.
Page 9 The Governor and how to adjust the Detent Blade.
Page 10 The Governor, Detent Catch Block and more.
Page 11 How to mount your engine to a permanent base.
Page 12 The Webster Magneto.
Page 13 How to start your engine using a Magneto.
Page 14 Testing and care of Webster Magneto.
Page 15 How to time your engine when Webster Magneto is used.
Page 16-17 Centerfold showing parts of engine and part numbers.
Page 16-17 Center-fold from slightly newer manual with different diagram.
Page 18 More parts to engine (showing Governor, igniter, piston, etc.)
Page 18 Diagram showing Mixing valve assembly from newer manual.
Page 19 Price list of engine parts.
Page 20 Price list of engine parts, continued.
Page 21 Price list of engine parts, continued.
Page 22 Price list of engine parts, continued. and Pump Jack info.
Page 23 More information on Pump Jack.
Page 24 Webster Magneto and parts list for Webster Magneto.
Page 25 Clutch Pulleys.
Page 26 Valves.
Page 27 Cylinder Head gasket and Bearings.
Page 28 Piston and Rings.
Page 29 How to start the Kerosene Engine.
Page 30 Changing from Gasoline to Kerosene as a fuel.
Page 31 Kerosene mixing valve.
Page 32 Back cover showing Pulley information.

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