Other Brands of engines built by the Hercules Company.

Hercules built many engines that were sold under someone else's brand name.
Here are pictures of some of these engines.

Click on the thumbnail picture to see the full size view.

2 1/2 H.P. ARCO Model GH

S.N. 348380 600 rpm 21/2 horse.
It came from Napa California off of a orchard sprayer.

Val Esplin
Elko, Nevada


2 H.P. ARCO Model F

Built in 1923
For the Hardie Manufacturing
for use on their orchard sprayers.
Hudson, Michigan

Gary Morgan
Savannah, Tennessee

 5 H.P. Jaeger, Model H

This engine came from Colorado, in a Jaeger #7 mixer.
It's a model - H,  Serial # 288041, made in 1923

Rory Ritchie
Lee's Summit, MO

 7 H.P. Jaeger

JeffHolbrookJaeger.jpg (22508 bytes)

This is a Half base engine built to put on straight frame trucks
to lower the center of gravity.

Jeff Holbrook
 407 W. 17th Street
 Marshfield, Wisconsin  54449

2 H.P. Jaeger

2 H.P. S.N. 318743 Mfg. in 1924
Scott Siegfried
Milton, Delaware
2 H.P. Jaeger

KennethAskeyJaeger.jpg (18895 bytes)
This is a very nice unrestored Jaeger engine. 

Kenneth Askey
Albany, New York.

1 1/2 H.P. Jaeger, Model E

TomDesaulniersJaegerandTomCompressed.jpg (17354 bytes)   TomDesaulniersJaegerCompressed.jpg (18778 bytes)

S.N. 330691, built in November of 1925
by the Hercules Gas Engine Co for the Jaeger Cement Mixer Co.

Owned and restored by Tom Desaulniers.

2 H.P. Jaeger

S.N. 314906 RPM- 550
Manufactured in 1924 and has the original decals, paint and striping.
Jaeger engines were originally used on cement mixers.

Andrew Butler

2 H.P.  Jaeger
Gary Scholler Jaeger.jpg (38503 bytes)

S.N. 298777 and Jaeger Model  A9H 3E.
Manufactured in 1923.

 Gary Scholler
 Butler, Ohio

3 1/2 H.P. Jaeger

Pictures taken at the 2001 Portland, Indiana Show.
I didn't record the owners name.

2 H.P.  Jaeger with original Cement Mixer

2 H.P. Model S, S.N. 375799

Robert Wentzell
State Road NC
2 H.P. Jaeger
Orrin B. Iseminger
Colton, Washington, USA

3.5 H.P. Jaeger

Curt Hollands Jaeger on cart.jpg (56754 bytes)Curt Hollands Jaeger whole.jpg (27077 bytes)

S.N. 339392, Model S,  3 1/2 H.P.

Curt Holland
Gastonia, N.C.

3 1/2 H.P. Jaeger 

Neil Reitmeyer Jaeger 3.5 hp S 353660.jpg (48622 bytes)  Neil Reitmeyer Jaeger 3.5 hp.jpg (47708 bytes)

Model S,  S.N. 353660

Neil Reitmeyer

3 H.P. REECO Model E 
Ryder Ericson Engine Company.  Serial # 223794

This engine was built by Hercules for REECO.

The center picture is a close-up of the Brass tag that REECO
put on the Hercules engine.

If you look real close  on the last picture you can just make out the REECO
on the hopper label.

 Christ Orcutt
Portland, CT 



1 1/2 H.P. Saxon  Model E
 sold by the Brackett Shaw and Lunt Company, Somersworth, NH,
and Boston MA. 

The left picture is the unrestored engine on a Hercules Drag Saw.
The middle picture shows the beautifully restored engine.  The right picture shows
the tag that Brackett Shaw and Lunt Company put on the Hercules built engine.

John Hodgdon
 Gorham, ME 

1 1/2 H.P. Benzona S.N. 313750
Made by Hercules and sold in Sweden.

It has a little oval tag on the front of the hopper says "Made in USA". A salesman
named Alfred Benson located in the south part of Sweden in Malmö (oe).
Imported Jaeger engines and John Deere engines and rename them to Benzona.
He also Imported other engines from Denmark and called them Benzona too.


Unrestored pulley side.

Under restoration

Unrestored crankshaft shield.

Magneto trip mechnisam

Unrestored rear view.

Restored mag side.


Crank Shield

Restored pulley side.

On display.

Mikael Nilsson


5 H.P. Bournival & Company
 Montreal, CANADA

Serial Number 152738, Model EK, RPM 425.

Made by Hercules and sold by Bournival & Company

Denis Rouleau
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Denis' Engine Shed: Antique Tractors & Engines

Bournival & Company Montreal, Canada
Hercules engines sold in Canada.  Written in French.


1.5 H.P. EMU
Sold in Australia
Serial Number 252807 1.5 H.P. Model E

Des Scott

John Street
Cardiff South 2285
NSW Australia.
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