Rebirth of a log house.
by Keith Kinney

Lcorig.jpg (14983 bytes) This is a picture of our log cabin when we acquired it in 1978.  It
had been setting vacant for several years.  The later additions had
been torn down.  It was located about 10 miles west of Evansville, Indiana.
Lccrane.jpg (9648 bytes) We tore it the rest of the way down and moved it log by log to my
parents place.  Here you see it partially rebuilt.  That's me upstairs
on the right, my dad Curtis Kinney in the center and my brother
Wayne on the left.  Standing in the doorway downstairs is my
Grandfather "Pop" Curtis Kinney.  Notice the crane with block and
tackle we built to lift the logs.
Lcpop.jpg (12567 bytes) This is another view of the front of the cabin with the rafters in place.
That's my Grandpa "Pop" on the ladder.  He was about 80 years old
at the time.
Lcroof.jpg (12323 bytes) Things were starting to shape up.  It didn't look so tall until you
climbed up to the peak of the roof.  It was a long way down. 
Lcdone.jpg (12996 bytes) The main part of the cabin is done here.  The dimensions are 20 feet
wide and 18 feet deep.
Logcabin.jpg (14897 bytes) This was taken in the winter of 1983.  My wife and I had gotten
married in 1982 and moved in.  We had added the front porch and
addition to the back.  The addition has a kitchen, bath room and
utility room.  The downstairs of the log cabin is the living room and
the upstairs is the bedroom.

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